Robert Jackson Harrington

No Small Parts

POSPONED until further notice.
Thank you for your understanding.
2018, 10x11x10 in. Mixed_media sculpture.

Needle nose to say, 2018, 10 x 1 1 x 1 0 in. Mixed media sculpture.

Artist Statement

No Small Parts, an exhibition where I endeavor to transition from large scale installations and sculptures to smaller sculpture and collage work. I’m pursuing this shift for two reasons. First, I’m seeking a way for my sculptures to retain the presence normally inherent in large work. I want the sculpture to own the space it inhabits without needing to overwhelm the viewer by sheer size alone. Second, working with collages has allowed me to explore my ideas in an unlimited or idealized context. I am unhindered by physical limitations such as the actual weight of an object or how safe it is when displayed in an exhibit if it were a sculpture. 

In general, with my work I create false narratives that attempt to exploit the idea of potential. I aim to lead the viewer to believe that my art somehow “works” or performs some kinetic function or illustrates a scheme of some unknown contraption. However, the arrangements do nothing, they merely act as a stimulus or catalyst. They suggest a situation, or an action that compels the viewer to respond. I feel that the viewers projected ideas of what my work “can be”, or what it “does” is far more interesting than the actual objects themselves. 

These are the definitions I work with. 

Drawing, an arrangement of marks on a surface.
Painting, an arrangement of paint on a surface.
Sculpture, an arrangement of objects in space.
Conceptualism, an arrangement of ideas. 

Arrange, to move and organize things into a particular order or position, to give a particular order or position to the parts of something. 

Mark, an impression made on something.

Using these definitions, we can then arrive at this definition;

Art, an arrangement of things.


Robert Jackson Harrington currently directs the Museum of Pocket Art and is a member of the Center for Experimental Practice and the curatorial collective, Los Outsiders, based in Austin, TX. Harrington creates drawings and sculptural installations from everyday materials that center on the concept of potential. Recent exhibitions include Useless Systems at Presa House Gallery in San Antonio, TX and C wut stix, at Bill’s Junk, Houston, TX.